Computer isn't working now.

So i plugged in my nvidia geforce g100 which must be faulty. As it started it began with the resolution being beyond big. Like 800x600. So I saw the warning sign, "problem" I only know this because this is the same problem that was presented with my last computer. Which is trash now. And it all began with this graphics card. I removed the card. Now when I get on my computer, nothing opens. Not even system restore. It's having many difficulties in starting. What should I do? Restore from bios?? Please help.

Windows vista 32 bit build 2
Intel pentium dual core 2.4ghz
6.00 gb ram
500gb hard drive
Express chipset family
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    Just do a clean install because that is a great place to start. If have a windows repair disc try that to see if it does anything. You can boot that before windows tries to boot up and it should give you directions. If you dont then just do a clean install from disc or if you have a restore drive in a partition.
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