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I have an NVIDIA G210 that came with my HP Elite 7000 (i7 Quad Core 2801 MHz; 4G DDR3; 300 Watt motherboard). My PC is hooked to my Full HD TV via HDMI - meaning my TV is my PC monitor. My PC has one primary function: we use it to watch high resolution movie files, sometimes so-called REMUX files that are anywhere between 20-40 gigs per film. The only problem I have experienced is five-second half-screen pixellation when I reverse or forward the movie file, and this does not always occur.

A friend of mine told me that my graphics card was old and worthless, and that I should upgrade it to something decent. I was happy with it, because I use a PS3 to play games, but my friend insisted that a better graphics card would wildly enhance the quality of the movie files we watch. Is this true? Is it worth upgrading to a better card, or are they for gamers only? If I should upgrade, what do you recommend given the purpose for which we use the PC? I was considering the possibility of buying my first Raedon, or going with the two my friend recommended for watching films, which are the NVIDIA 550 Ti, or the NVIDIA GTX 660 - are these excessive choices for a non-PC gamer? Regarding whether or not I will have to upgrade my power supply, I have read 'yes' answers and 'no' answers - which is correct?

Thank you.
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  1. "Nvidia GeForce GT 220 and 210 are complete disappointments when it comes to both BD and DVD video processing. Even the low-end ATI Radeon HD 5400-series provides decent Blu-ray playback quality albeit delivering unsatisfactory results in HQV 2.0 DVD test."

    was taken from this site http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/graphics/display/htpc-graphics-cards_9.html#sect0
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