Will this case work?

Hi, I have an HP p7-1414, and i really want a new casing for it. here's a link about all my specs.

NOTE: i installed an Asus Radeon 6670, 16 GB G-skill ram, and an ssd.

Case i want:
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    It should work, but I would get a new power supply, as the power supplies supplied by HP are specifically made to fit that case. Not that the power supply would not fit in that case, its the fact that the cables are only long enough to reach where they are supposed to.

    16GB is pointless for any application btw, especially gaming. Go for 8GB. That case is sorta unneeded huge as well. If that's what you want, go for it.

    It should all fit, being that HP generally sticks to proper form factor for their motherboards.
  2. Yes, it'll work. But why would you choose that case? There's far better cases in that price range.
  3. thanks for the reply, what if i go down to a mid-tower (like the case i have now, but with better cooling and nice led lights.)

    Would i need a new PSU then? Can you list all the things i would have to replace if needed?

    Just to let you know, the build i told you with the added hardware runs perfectly with my PSU.
  4. DeusAres said:
    Yes, it'll work. But why would you choose that case? There's far better cases in that price range.

    Okay can you send me a better case, preferably newegg? Thanks also a mid-tower with led lights and good cooling. Sorry im new to cases.
  5. I am aware that the build you have now works (I thought you had no purchased the RAM though, my misreading)

    The thing about the power supply, is that if you look in the case, they only made the cables really long enough to reach the parts on the motherboard from where they are. Therefore, if you get a new case, then the cables would not reach, as the power supply is in a different location.
  6. ^^ I recommend the Cooler Master Scout, Its a awesome case good quality too
  7. I'm personally an Antec fan, but they are all good cases.
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  9. Thanks everyone, i'm getting the Antec Nine Hundred Two V3 :)
  10. Nice choice! Hope it works well! (which it should)
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