Black Screen after bios update!

Hi,i have gotten into a problem with my bios this problem occurred after i updated my bios now everytime i start up windows and log in the screen goes black then the computer restarts. I am only able to run my computer in safe mode i checked the hp website and i realized that the version i installed isn't the latest.So i downloaded the latest version and i everytime i run it doesn't work.It extracts the files but then the installion doesn't work.I think it is because i am in safe mode but i can't run it in normal mode because of the is the link to manufacturer.

I don't know if its in the right thread but i couldn't figure out where to post this bios problem.
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  1. did you try diagnostic toll on the link for uefi ?
  2. same here, asus k50ij, built for vista? but preinstalled with win7, upgraded to win8 (64bit). updated BIOS, black screen but don't think I get safe mode, tried everything reasonable (some time ago). Need to try to get it back in operational order. thanks
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