Display driver stopped responding and has recovered issue.

Hello guys,

I've been getting the dreaded "AMD Display driver stopped responding" error message lately. Screen goes black, flashes briefly, then pops back up (generally crashing whatever I was running)

I'm running Windows 7, an XFX AMD Radeon HD 6970, 8G of ram.

I generally get the error while running any kind of graphically intensive game and sometimes while watching videos online.

I've tried quite a few of the fixes I've read about, namely I've

1. Replaced my video card.
2. Tried rolling back video drivers.
3. Tried updating video drivers.
4. Tried cleaning things out in case it was overheating. (It wasn't)
5. Tried replacing my 5 year old 750W PSU with a new 1050W one.
6. Completely reformatted my hard drive.

Getting really frustrating. Hoping I can get some help!

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  1. Little update, I've run memtest86 and come back with no errors on 3 separate tests, and I've also tried all the built-in tests in OCCT with no errors (aside from overheating after several minutes)

    Still hoping I can get a push in the right direction, here.

    Thanks again!
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