Can i upgrade my video card to msi ge gt440 in dell inpiron 530 having 300watt p

Need urgent help
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  1. Hello Vivekcool,

    Unfortunately, I can't make a informed decision due to the lack of information here. We need more information to give more accurate and informed suggestions.

    We need:

    -RAM (How much? DDR2? or DDR3?)
    -CPU model
    -Games - What games do you plan to play?
    -Monitor Resolution - What resolution to you plan to play your games at?

    Assuming this is your PC:

    Unfortunately, even after taking the max power draw of the GT440 at 65 watts and the fact the motherboard does have a PCI-E slot. Dell prebuilts are notorious for using cheap power supplies. Even assuming you could run the graphics card, you would have a rather poor performance to money ratio due to the low performance of the card itself. Your better off getting a AMD 7770 (80watts), however it requires slightly more power.

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