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I'm building a new system and I have everything I need but my PSU. I'd really like to test everything to make sure it's not DOA or whatnot. I'd like to use a 325 W PSU that i have sitting around just to test it and make sure it boots. Will it fry my system or would it be safe to use for just 2 mins?

My Specs are...
Intel i3 2125
XFX Radeon HD 7770 Double D Black Edition (Factory overclocked at 1095Mhz)
GA-H61M-DS2H Mobo
1 DVD-Rom Drive
1 SATA Hard Drive
Antec Three Hundred Case

The PSU that I WILL be getting is the XFX Pro 550 W
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  1. The XFX is good.
  2. Be careful doing that. I would wait on the new XFX to show up
  3. It would run without the card.
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