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Nvidia 9400gt 512mb and NVIDIA GeForce 7025 GPU integrated video


Can i enable my integrated video and use them both together or does it not work like that? I mean im sort of new to all of this

My pc has-

motherboard- Biostar N68S3
Processor- Amd Phenom ii X4 840
Ram- 4gb
os- Windows 7 32 bit
graphics card- nvidia 9400gt 512mb
hard drive- 149gb hitachi
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    Hello Apoetmind,

    Unfortunately, you can't run your integrated graphics with your discrete graphics card. It was never designed that way.

  2. No, sorry, it doesn't work like that.

    The only ones that can do that are AMD APUs
  3. O and my graphics card is running at 60-65 celsius, is that bad??
  4. apoetmind said:
    O and my graphics card is running at 60-65 celsius, is that bad??

    That's fairly normal (50-70 degress celsius under load). Plus, I know for a fact that most cards are designed to run at 75-85 celsius under load.

  5. Well thank you coffeecoffee. I can stop my worrying. One last question, I am looking to upgrade my video card for under 100. Do you have any ideas?
  6. Thanks for all the chatter, you guys are awesome
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