Zotac 670 getting very hot

Hi all,
I bought myself a Zotac gtx670 card about 3 months ago
this one to be exact:
I am running 2 1080p monitors off it.
Today whilst i was just searching the internet on one monitor the fan starts blaring and going really fast. I whip open hwMonitor to check my temps and the card is at 80 degrees celsius or 170 f. This used to happen every now and then when i was playing bf3 on full settings but never when its just casually being used.
Is there something wrong with the card? Should i send it back for warranty? Also, I have a Corsair graphite 600t SE, Will putting 4 side 120mm fans on make a difference?

PS the card is at 80 degrees while im typing this
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  1. If u could unplug the card check the cooler if it loose or something, clean the dust and check the fan blade for unstable/dent......

    My suspicion the cooler somehow became loose...... (since it quite new try contacting the seller see if u can get a new card for it...)
  2. Use GPU-z or MSi Afterburner to verify the HWMonitor readings, and also to check if the card is actually experiencing a workload that causes the fan speed and temperature to spike.
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    Quote: "Important: All data in this review was obtained after I repaired a major design error of the card. When I received it, the card ran extremely high temperatures, reaching beyond 100°C. This is caused by screws with integrated stop, that resulted in too little mounting pressure between GPU and heatsink. I added four metal washers, by removing the screws, adding the washer and putting the screws back. The cooler was not removed for this procedure, thermal paste was not changed". Source:
  4. ^Yikes... OK, so Zotac is off my shopping list. A flaw like that should NEVER have made it past QA.
  5. Wew, looks like it defective card.... (the cooler)
  6. Thanks heaps for the answers guys, in response to that review, would the fact that the reviewed card had a completely different cooler to mine matter? Or is it still pretty much guaranteed that the cooler on mine is screwed? If my cooler is screwed, should i try what that guy did with the washers and what not? Or just go straight back to the shop?
  7. Can you find a review for your specific card model?
  8. Just take the card out and remove one of the screws to see for your self if it was tight enough. I bet that at the plant they got the wrong torque setting or used the wrong screws. The washer trick works. By the way did anyone notice the square and compass on the face plate of that card?
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  10. thanks heaps for all the help guys, I just updated my drivers then and the temps are way back down to normal again
  11. Glad everything worked out enjoy!
  12. So it was driver issue.......

    Anyway glads it all fine now....
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