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Hi all, I would appreciate your help in making a decision (or letting me know why my choices are both bad...)

I am looking at getting a gaming computer - I've been reading the forums here and looking at pre-built stuff at Newegg and Amazon and everything seems very overpriced and underpowered.

I'm looking for something to run games mostly, as well as surfing and watching films via net delivery, some simple Excel, Word and Powerpoint usage, too. My budget (ideally) would be under $750, but that seems awfully low as I look at components, so realistically, $1000 +/- $100 is what I probably will play with.

I play Sims 3 a lot, Civ 5, Kingdoms of Amalur, Skyrim, and was looking at Far Cry 3.

I don't want to build an entire machine - a bit beyond my tech level comfort zone. I wouldn't mind adding a graphics card or an SSD to a mid-level machine if that could save me a good deal of $$. Ideally, I would add an HD 7970 or GTX 670 or 680.

So I did some digging on eBay and found a couple of items that look interesting:

1 - $1099 for i7 3.4 16GB, 500MB, GTX 670 - here:

2 - $999 (no bids placed yet) for i7 3.5 12 gb 384 MB on 3 SSDs put together, HD GTX 580 - here:

Do either of these look like I should be in the market, or not? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Going to provide you a few links here for boutique builders
    About the three there. I think CyberPowerPC provides the most options for customability - decent pricing too (IMO)
    iBuyPower is good but lacks the options of CyberPower
    Alienware is Dell's gaming division - considered by many to be overpriced, others think the value is there
    Hope it helps some
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