Gtx 660 (non ti) or Radeon 7850?

Which one of these cards are better for gaming? I will be playing Battlefield 3 at 1920x1080 and I'm hoping to get 45+fps whilst playing multiplayer on either 32,48 or 64 player maps i will probably be playing on either high or medium settings. I am using an Intel Core i3 2100. I know that my CPU won't cope as well as an i5 on 64 player servers. If if got the 660 will it bottleneck my cpu? I am using a 500w psu so hopefully it should be able to power either of these cards.

Your help is appreciated.

Many thanks
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  1. It should be o.k. what is the name and model of the power supply you have?
  2. It's a CoolerMaster Extremem Power 500w PSU.
  3. Well unfortunately that is not a good power supply Cooler Master eXtreme (only use 75% of labeled wattage)Tier 4 - Not Recommend for stressful situations. May not be able to put out full rated power above room temperature, and may slightly fail to meet ATX specs.
  4. Your psu is fine. I am using my fsp 500watt aurum gold with a gtx 560 dcu2. my 560 can play high settings at 1080p but it will not be a perfect 60. It can do medium though. For your solution, go for the gtx 660. Tests prove that it is better and it has better support.
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