GeForce 9600 Fan Speed (RivaTuner, SpeedFan, NiBiTor)

Hey everyone!

I use to run RivaTUner 2.24c to control the GPU FAN as the temperature goes up.
But now RivaTuner is abandoned (no new version in years) and won't support newest nVidia driver.

SpeedFan can read all temperatures but DOES NOT control the fans:

NVIDIA System Tools 6.05 is such a huge program (almost 100Mb) and consumes too much resources to just control the FAN.

NiBiTor v6.06 lacks of signed driver, so windows 7 won't allow it to work (unless going through some tricks).

What i'm looking for is just a replacement for RivaTuner which can control the GPU fan automatically.

When the PC boots up the GPU fan goes 100%. After loading windows it goes like 30% and it won't go up as the GPU heats up over 70°C.
Can NiBiTor fix it?

Thanks for any suggestions!
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  1. is it 9600GT? the original river tuner never get updated past 2.24 but new softwares such as msi after burner or evga precision also based on riva tuner and this software are compatible with nvidia latest drivers. i haven't test the latest version of evga precision (called precision X) but with msi after burner you can set the fan curve. no need to worry about your card's brand because the software (MSI AB) works with any radeon or geforce cards regardless brand
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