Pc freezes with looping sound

:- Hey anybody please help!
My pc just hangs with the continous sound and with the last frame , when any movie is played in it.
i dont know why this happens.
i have tried evrything best i can do , degrading and updating drivers of my graphic card.
changing the media player.
scanning for viruses.
nothing helped me.
MY pc configuration :-
intel dual core 2.6 ghz
3gb ddr2 ram
nvidea 210 geforce graphics card.

Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please.
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  1. i have tried memory test and no error is reported by that test also..
    i can play games (fifa 12) for alot of time but sometimes it freezes while playing angry birds dont know what to do.
    gpu temp:= 39 .c
    cpu temp := 41.c
  2. uninstall the nvidia drivers. reboot. do a custom install next time around. only install the graphics driver and the physx driver. nothing else.
  3. tried this also dont work. dont know what is happening? :(
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