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I need a new CPU cooler. I'm finishing off a build (Will list specs at bottom, still need a couple things, need advice on that too, but mainly the cpu cooler.) And I need a good cpu cooler for 70 bucks, MAX. My case Is the NZXT Lexa s. ( ) So it needs to fit in there. I want the Havik 140 but Idk if it'll fit, as it barely fits in the NZXT Tempest 410 elite crafted case, which is about a full inch deeper. I kinda want like the H60 but I've heard closed loop water coolers only last like 2 years, and I need this to last a little longer than that, so Preferably and air cooler. It'd be nice if it looks nice too, but that just depends xD thanks a mil, below is more info on the build]

So far I've bought: ASRock Z77 Extreme4, a 500GB HDD, My ram (16 gigs of something, i can't remember, but it was on sale for like 56 bucks and its nice ram, cas 10, 1600Mhz, DDR3, pretty general) and My case. I need a CPU, GPU, and A CPU cooler. For the CPU I already know I'm gonna get the i5 3570k, which I'd LIKE to be able to OC to 4.2 ghz. more if possible, but I doubt it. I kinda need to know what GPU to get. Either a 7870 or a 7950. I don't wanna spend the extra cash, but I wanna be able to play BF3 at ultra, no AA (AA if possible? idk) with a minimum of 40 fps, if that's even possible. I'm not indifferent to nVidia cards, but I know for a fact The radeon ones perform better for the money. (BF3 is not the only game I'll be playing, just mostly, as I can SMELL the argument that BF3 favors nVidia coming on) so Yeah. Any suggestions for a 200-300? lower the better. thanks.
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  1. Ok since people are I guess just too lazy to read that, I'll break this down: I need a new CPU coole that'll fit inside NZXT Lexa s and a gpu for 200-300
  2. just grab a hyper 212 evo.
  3. Tom's Hardware (this website) did a really good cpu cooler review not that long ago. Tested many coolers, and the Noctua NH-D14 came out on top, and will fit in your price range I believe. I personally (as do many others) have the Cooler Master 212 Evo, which is an excellent cooler and priced under $30.

    Best bang-for-your-buck, if you ask me.
  4. I need somethin' a little better than that. I don't want a closed loopwater oller and budget is now 50. Kinda eyin' the Dark Night II by that brand I can't spell. I'll followup with links if you want. Lol'd at the (this website)

    because I can't read.


    thanks for the advice though. also a black painted heatsync would be great, kinda goin for appearance here as well

    Also sorry for spelling etors and stuff, typing on a 6$ keyboard i despise. Can only get out like 30 wpm on here when avg normally is like 65 ;-;
  5. get a hyper 212 evo if you want performance for cheap

    get a noctua nh-d14 if you want the most performance out of a heatsink
  6. My price is inbetween. I want something better than the evo that doesn't have to be as good as the noctua.
    Looks are important to me, so a black heatsync is nice, since my build is black&blue themed (not opposed to some red)

    Something that can hold a 3570k at 4.2-4.5 without going over like 80C after playing BF3 for hours. /if that's possible if not I'd be happy with 3.8-4.0
  7. And I realize that 80C is hot, even for full load, but My current comp gets to like 112C Under full load. so it can't be that bad? xD
  8. Get the nzxt HAVIK 140, it's better than the hyper 212 evo, it has about the same cooling temps as the noctua NH-D14, but it's cheaper.
  9. I really want that cooler^ If you read my original post, I mentioned that the Havik doesn't fit in my case of choice. (NZXT Lexa S) which I already own. Idk why NZXT Would sell A cooler that doesn't fit in a case of theirs, but it's whatever.
  10. Now, I'm not totally sure it doesn't fit, but I know it fits by just a hair's breath in the Phantom 410, and Lexa S is almost 2 inches shallower.
  11. I think it would fit, the height of the havik 140 is 160mm while the casing without side fan is 166mm, but i can't be sure.
  12. I'd rather be safe than sorry. I don't really have extra money aside from my budget, so I can't afford to waste that 69.99 or whatever it is. I've been looking at this cooler: that
  13. Also which should I buy to go with it; another fan for push pull, or better thermal paste. If push pull I won't buy till later as that can be added on without a huge fuss, but thermal paste cannot, and I'll buy that with the rest of my remaining parts

    EDIT: I think that cooler comes with extra thermal paste... would that be good enough or should I get that arctic stuff? Also I think it's kind of funny that "Arctic" thermal paste is gonna be squished against a 200 degree processor.

    EDIT2: Also If you do suggest thermal paste, what stuff should I get, with a 15$ budget unless that's just crazy

    Is this good? or push pull? and in that case what's a good quite 120mm? orrr
  15. no dont get xigmatek. not very good quality

    no need for extra thermal paste. generally stuff that it comes with is ok. and if i ever was to get thermal paste, it wouldnt be silver 5.
  16. Okay. Any other suggestions in that price range? (Also, just wandering, would the noctua fit in my case? I'm willing to increase budget to 80$ if it's THAT good.)
  17. My only huge beef with the noctua is that color. I'd really prefer something else, and maybe a little cheaper. Anything good in the 70 $ range?
  18. +the noctua is too big for my case. (My case is only 7.72" deep!!!)
  19. cm or mm please. not american

    you can chose the u12p se2 if you cant fit a cooler thats 160mm
  20. Oh. Well if it's of any concern, I hate the inches/foot thing too. 7.72 inches = 19.6 cm
  21. *Cough* herroooo? xD
  22. thats enoough space for a d14
  23. Well, even if so, it's a bit out of my comfort budget. What do you think about a frio? :0 just say somewhere they were ok
  24. frio is ok. you areprobably better off with a hyper 212 evo or a 612
  25. 612? also, I have some gpu troubles as well if you wanna help with that
  26. And what about a closed water cooler thingy like an H60? I need a good lifespan, too, so
  27. ? >H60 basically
  28. please, thread, please don't die xD
  29. closed loop coolers arent that great, given most heatsinks perform the same for cheaoer, but if you dont want to worry about the heatsink interfering with other things, get a h80(preferably i)
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