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GeForce GT 220 or AMD Radeon HD 6530D

I have a crappy Acer Aspire AM3470G-UW10P Fusion Quad-Core A6-3620 2.2 GHz Desktop PC I am upgrading.

Upgrading it is an ongoing process so until I am done, (or buy/build another system)

I have a GeForce GT 220 PCIE card on hand, should I use this or the on board graphics AMD Radeon HD 6530D until I get all the purchases done I want for my upgrades?

I only ask because the on board graphics uses direct x 11 and the GeForce GT 220 doesn't. Some benchmarks I found even suggest even though it is an integrated card it should perform better than the GeForce GT 220 .

Here is some info I pulled from various places:
94. DX11 AMD Radeon HD 6530D 1830
214.DX10 GeForce GT 220 630

NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 116 1
AMD Radeon HD 6530D Graphics 107 51

GeForce GT 220 370
RADEON HD6530D 619

So yes this isn't the best scenario, yes I will eventually be getting something else but for know does anyone have any thoughts or use of the AMD Radeon HD 6530D over the nvidia GeForce GT 220 ?
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  1. Well whichever performs better for the games you are playing I suppose. I wouldn't use integrated having DX11 as an argument though. Both of those gpus are way too weak to even use most if DX11s features and eye candy anyway. Personally I'd probably use GT 220 but I'm not really sure how either perform.
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    According to the hierarchy chart at the end of the monthly best graphics cards for the money article, the GT220 is a tier or two higher (depending on whether it has DDR2 or DDR3). As close as they are, however, your actual results will likely depend on the game. Since it is the simplest solution, I would try the HD6530D first and see how it does. Install the GT220 only if you believe a small difference would matter, but realize that for some things you may be disappointed.
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  4. Thanks. Hopefully you'll be able to hang in there until you complete your upgrade process.
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