How many watt i need?

Hello,may i ask how many watt i need for this build?
processor=intel core i3-3220
motherboard=asus p8z77-v lx
graphic card=asus gtx 650ti/gtx 660
storage=WD 1tb caviar black
ram=kingston value ram 4gbx2 1600mhz
optical drive=asus DRW-24B5ST/BLACK
casing=thermaltake commander MS-I(usb 3.0)
fans=3 additional 120mm led casing fans+aftermarket cpu cooler

and will core i3 bottleneck with the gtx 650ti/gtx 660?

and can silverstone st60f-es handle this system?
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  1. I recommend going with a cheaper mobo like h77/b75 for that cpu, unless you're planning to add a i5 or i5 k series for overclock, unless you already have the mobo then just ignore it.

    As for the questions, no the i3 will not bottleneck any of those cards(i recommend going with the 660 gtx) and yes the psu will do for your system.
  2. yes i will add i5 in future
    thanks for the help
  3. actually how many watt i really need for this system?
    u sure the silverstone st60f-es will do just fine?
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    Lets say you get the 660 gtx, your maximum power drawn from the system will be no more than ~300w.
    You have a decent psu with 600w, with a single rail with +12V1@42A, which means ~504w on the rail for a ~150w card (660 gtx)
  5. so is more that enough for future upgrade?
  6. It will do for any cpu, as for SLI, two 660 gtx(the 650 ti doesn't have sli bridge) will require ~300w, you'll be cutting close.
    But it will do overall for new cpu, hdds, etc.
  7. if i use asus gtx 650 ti 600w also enough right?
  8. JackTan4896 said:
    if i use asus gtx 650 ti 600w also enough right?

    Yes of course, if it can handle two 660 gtx, it can handle a single 650 ti.
    These are really low power consumption demanding cards.
  9. 500W-600W is enough for any single GPU system. SLI/Crossfire will need a 750W-850W.
  10. For two 660 gtx a 600w psu will do(a good one), two 660 gtx will not draw more than 300W.
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  12. thanks for your help guys~
    i appreciate it
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