Grpahic card under 4000-6000 indian rupees

i am going to build fx4100 processor with asus m5a88-m motherboard please give good suggestion of graphic card which is good for this motherboard .

my budget is around 4000-6000 indian rupees
thank you in advance
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  1. So that's about 100-110 USD. I have no idea of the availability or price differences in your market but you would be looking at a HD 7750, HD 6670, or GT 640. Personally at that price range I would definitely go for and AMD card not NVIDIA. So I'd get one of those 7750s. It's not super powerful though for 1080p, just as a warning.

    And also that CPU is crap for gaming, I'd change your whole setup to Intel and get a Pentium G860 or something around there unless you bought it all already.
  2. buy fropm flipkart or
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