Computer suffering random problems!

Hello, I've built my computer rig maybe about 3 years ago and it currently is going through random problems.

1. During gaming, the computer will do a hard freeze with no sounds looping or anything like that and I am forced to hard shutdown.

2. Sometimes after said shutdown, I boot up my computer again and everything on the computer looks to be running okay (Video card fans, etc.) but an image won't be displayed as if my monitor isn't picking up any signal.

3. Sometimes while doing casual internet surfing and skyping simultaneously, my computer would freeze than after 2 seconds it would hiccup back to what I was doing.

Note: It shows the hard freeze symptom the most maybe once every 2 days. Not booting all the time once a week. Hiccup maybe once a month.

My friend thinks it could be the Motherboard, but wasn't exactly sure. Below are my specs

3 HDD's in raid5
OCZ Vertex SDD
Zotac Nvidia GTX460 graphics card
Intel Core I5 750@2.67Ghz
Corsair 850 W Power Supply
2x2GB Corsair XMS Ram
Huge Antec 1200 case with all fans running

So many symptoms!
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  1. Oh and I have tried reseating both the video card and ram and still lead to problems. Currently trying 1 stick of ram at a time and see what happens.
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