HP XW600 with Geforce 9500 gt compatatbilty?

I wrote an earlier post that was titled incorrectly, and worded badly.
So heres my second attempt.

My Situation,
I just bought a new computer, a HP XW600 :D
Which so far im happy with, BUT!!

The origional graphics card is naf, and wont even run a simple 3D game.
So i want to upgrade to something a little better.
I have been looking at a Nvidia Geforce 9500gt as they are cheap, but i
have little knowledge of what would would be compatatble or not.

If anyone has paired this computer and graphics card i would love to hear from you.
Otherwise any words of wisom or a point in the right direction in terms of graphics cards
would be appreciated.
Heres my Specs:

HP XW600

Processor; TWIN (2x) Intel Xeon 3.4 Ghz - 64-Bit - Hyper-Threaded

Hard Drives; 320GB SATA RAID (2 x 160GB SATA Hard Drive) with On-Board SATA RAID Controller

Ram; 8 GB RAM - DDR2

And finally the card thats in there :P

Graphics; Nvidia Quadro NVS280/Matrox P650 Dual-Output Graphics Card
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  1. Thats a business computer...
    9500GT is an outdated card, won't run anything modern, and if you want anything like ARMA II, good luck with that, lol.
  2. Yeah I know it is,
    Yeah its outdated but still way more powerful than the stock one,
    I don't want to play modern games, just a coupl of old games,
    like GTA san Andreas, arma 1 and arma 2!

    What graphics card do you recommend then?
    Seeing as I only want to spend £50!!
  3. A 9500 would not be much faster, if at all faster than a NVS280.

    The lowest gaming card you'd want if buying new is a Radeon 6670, it falls about in your price range. You can get some older used cards also, nvidia 9800gt, radeon 5570, etc...

    That system has a good power supply, you will be able to run any low to mid range gaming card. A 9500 is not worth buying at all.
  4. Cheers for the fast reply,
    I've just found a ATI radion HD 4670 1 gb for £45 on eBay
    I've read its a good card, but am worried that ill.need extra power supplies,
    Is this correct? Or will I be able to plug and play as it were ?
  5. You should be OK with the power supply as is, if you're worried, look at what connectors the card has and look at the power supply. I'd avoid ebay for used video cards though unless they have a return policy. People like to sell used video cards that are working but not stable.
  6. Ah cheers :)
    Bit late though I just bought it,
    What would it be like if it was instable?
    If it is I would insist on a refund hehe
    That card doesn't need an extra supply, apparently anyway :)
  7. If it was unstable, when you start a game or something that needs some power to run it, it can lock up, reboot the system, give image artifacts.
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