Is a 700 watt 80+bronze good enough for gtx 660ti

Is a 700watt 80plus bronze power supply enough to power an msi gtx 660ti power edition?
also i want to run a i7 and 8g of corsair vengance ram with the system will it be good enough?
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  1. overkill, 600W would be more than enough, but of course you plan to buy a GTX 680, you're gonna need 750W minimum.
  2. 700 watts is more then fine. Just make sure you have a quality unit, what model of psu do you have?

    Hope this helps!
  3. its a aerocool e85 700watt 80plus bronze
  4. 700 watts is definately enough. It's enough for two gtx 660tis.
  5. There is not much online about the aerocool e85 700watt, but from what I can tell its a midrange PSU. Not the best, but you will be fine to run that system on a 700watt psu.
  6. I already told you earlier it should be fine doesn't hurt to get a second opinion though and it's a Tier 4 - Not Recommend for stressful situations. May not be able to put out full rated power above room temperature, and may slightly fail to meet ATX specs. Proof or source:
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