I used 87Gigs of Data in 8 days without being on the internet!!!

So I have Comcast, as my internet provider. There is a cap of 250 Gigs of data per month, usually I stay well under that. In the last two months they say I have used 240 Gigs of Data, the largest in one month in the previous year before was 150 Gigs. So I call Comcast and ask them what is causing this, they think it is Netflix, and I told them they were full of crap, so in 8 days my account has used 87 GIGs of data. I HAVE NOT even been on the internet in the last two weeks, besides occationally checking usage, facebook, etc. I may spend about an hour a day, then I disable my connection. So any ideas on what may be causing this extreme use?
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  1. Your computer may be a SpamBot. When you say you disable your connection, how are you disabling it? A sure-fire way is to disconnect the tv cable from the modem or unplug it when not in use.

    Comcast can see where the data is going, don't let them lie to you. If they ever complain again make them supply a connection log, they will if the cops ever ask for it, so you can get it too.
  2. I was just disabling my router. but what program do you reccomend I download to get rid of Spambot?
  3. Download netlimiter and see if it can pick up what is using your bandwidth.

    Also do you have a wireless router? Is it secured?
  4. Yeah I have wireless router so I can connect to my blu-ray, and my internet goes through it, then to my comp. It is a belkin N600, a secured router, I also changed the pass two weeks ago, because last month I used 249gigs.
  5. Did you manage to use Netlimiter to catch the program accessing the network?
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