New build, but doesn't detect monitor and boot!

Hi! I'm a new builder who has tried to get a custom PC to work without any one helping me. I connected the 24pin and the CPU connector (8 pins) but it isn't working.

My specs are:
Leadtek 670
Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3
A GS700watt PSU (Corsair
8gigs of RAM (DDR3, 1600mhz, tried with only 1 stick)
A hard drive
A Scythe katana 4 heatsink.
And my case is an Antec Eleven Hundred.

I tried to connect it to my monitor which works with other things (Through HDMI) and it doesn't display anything on boot. The PC doesn't beep, it just lights up, fans start spinning well but then the PSU's fan stops. And then it continues like that.

The case comes connected with standoffs. The PC doesn't have a boot speaker on the motherboard, not sure about case. I haven't tried resetting the CMOS.

I have a Samsung CD drive in it, it works fine. Ejects, and goes good.

Any advice guys? I'm a first time builder and this is bad.
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  2. Tried mostly everything in there, any other advice!? HELP PLEASE!
  3. nvm, fixed. wow, i got into such a BIG worry. switched the RAM position, CMOS jump, GPU position change and took off the cooler.

    Got into bios with a checksum error, but that's nothing.

    Best fix is to take everything apart and put it back to together!
  4. Figured it out now, it was the RAM. I didn't push it in hard enough. It was just hanging there.

    Wow am I stupid.
  5. Glad you could fix it.
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