Are the 7870 Crash Problems Still... a Problem?

Newegg has the Sapphire 7870 OC on sale for under $200 today and tomorrow. I'd really like to pounce on the deal, but I hear a lot of people have problems with 7870s locking up while gaming. Is this something that every 7870 suffers from, or just the Sapphire? Exactly how prevalent is this problem? 50% of the cards? 25%? 10%? Less? The reviews on Newegg show a lot of users have no problem, but I can't ignore those who are crashing.

To anyone who has had this problem, is it still a problem? Have newer drivers or firmware solved it? Or is it still a roll of the dice? I've had great experience with Sapphire cards in the past. I was waiting for a Vapor-X 7870 ( if they ever make one, ) but a 7870 for under $200 now is pretty hard to ignore.
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  1. I think they may have bought faulty ones (which is bound to happen with all the cards that are made) you'll be ok. That happens very rarely.
  2. Yeah, I haven't had crashing issues with my 7870. I've had a couple of other problems, but those are all fairly easily resolved. If your GPU doesn't go up to high performance clocks, disable GPU acceleration in your web browser. If Skyrim artifacts, turn on Supersampling AA in Catalyst Control Center.
  3. You've probably already bought the card by now but, I bought it when the card was at low price too just to go for it but, I too have the crashing issue. I can go for about 3 to 4 hours in a session and then it'll crash with a sound loop. It's not too bad seeing as it's only when I came for extended periods of time but, the problem still remains. I ended up putting it on stock clocks instead of the factory overclock and the crashing still occurs, albeit less frequently. I cranked up the fans and added another fan that blows directly onto my gpu but, no dice. It still crashes. I saw another forum post where a guy said that running games from Razer game booseter fixed his problem. It baisically shuts down background processes that are irrelevant to the gameto boost performance. Not sure how this helped the card but it reduced my crashing from 3-4 to about 5 hours now. I think it's something voltage related but.. not sure. Just seems to be sapphire cards that are most likely to have this issue. If you find anything that fixes this please let me know!
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