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I just recently built a multimedia computer, so I can house around 190 blue ray movies and around 400 dvds. I also do some mild gaming, games like( Just Cause 2, Crysis 1, and kingdom of amular Reckoning). I do need multi monitor support because I am also going to use the computer for work which is just basic computing (internet, word, excel, and work program. I was thinking of crossfiring the xfx ati radeon r7770 1gb I know people say 1 good card is always better but for me it is not an option. I work with four 23" monitors for work all are at the resolution of 1080p. I am also on a budget for the graphics cards. Also would a corsair cx500 watt power supply suffice for the two cards, I know they only consume 80 watts at full load each. The reason I was asking if I could use the 500 watt corsair was because newegg messed up my firends order and shipped him 2 by mistake and I can get it for free

The system specs are as follows
zalmann z11 plus case
970a-g46 msi motherboard
phenom II x6 1045t overclocked to 3.4ghz
8gigabytes of ddr3 ram
OCZ agility 90gb ssd boot drive
500 gig hard drive(western digital took it from old computer)
3-3tb hard drives
pioneer blue ray reader/ dvd burner
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  1. Yes you can crossfire the cards. Yes, your power supply can handle them.
  2. For this case choose a HD 7850/70
  3. Trying to figure out how you're currently running four monitors off of this card. Please explain?

    -Wolf sends
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