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so i just bought a XFX AMD Radeon HD 7750 core edition with a wieson active display port to dvi-d adapter. the problem is when im trying to connect all 3 monitors together 2 of them show up using DVI cable connectors and the one monitor using the display port adapter gets no signal apparently but it is detected by the catalyst controls. another test i have done was with just the display port adapter connected which allowed for the start up screen to show up but gives a no signal when it shows window 7 logo.

My 3 monitors i got all work they are all the same brand / model 3x acer G235HL with 1x DVI 1x VGA each

I had also done another test where i took my other monitor Acer H213H and connected the display port adapter to that to see if it was a monitor problem but all three of the screen would go play and only the 2 that arent using the adapter start to flicker and nothing shows up

This is the adapter i bought although it says visiontek its has the brand wieson on it and has the same product number on the AMD validated dongle page.


This is the graphics card i bought although it says it has a 1gb ram it actually has 2gb as mentioned on the box and the computer profiles.


What should i do
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  1. I think with your card, you have to use a DisplayPort splitter. I don't think the signals from the DVI and HDMI are sparated.

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