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I wondered if it's (easily)possible te keep upgrading the hardware of your computer, so you would never have to buy a new one.
Only a new part every now and then..

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  1. yes it is but your core components [motherboard, cpu, maybe heat sink and maybe ram] will have to be bought simultaneously because of new socket and ram standards
  2. But it's possible to buy a new motherboard every couple of years and completeley upgrade it?
    Have you got any idea if people do this? Or is it just 10 times cheaper to buy a new machine?
  3. yes it is, but you typically have to get a new motherboard and cpu at the same time because of new socket standards.

    i like upgrading over time. i started out with an i5-2500k, a gigabyte atx board, a gtx 460, cooler master case, 1tb hard drive. since then i swapped the i5-2500k and gigabyte into another computer, got 2 new cases one for the old system and a new itx case, got an itx mobo, an i5-3570k, got 2 ssd, got 2 different heat sinks, a gtx 480 which i replaced with a 670, a 2tb hard drive

    i kept a lot of my stuff around and ended up making 2 high end computers out of new parts and my old computer. i am BIG on upgrading. you can sell old parts to fund new parts or keep them around and eventually build another computer or 2. the more you know about technology the more you will want to upgrade. i think i have consistently upgraded something every 2-3 months thats anywere from a new mouse or keyboard to a new monitor or graphics card upgrade
  4. haha indeed it sounds like you are big on upgrading!
    And do you think for an average person (without so much computer knowledge) is it possible to do this?
    Or does it take a lot of time before you figure everything out?
  5. yeah it is, but have to know what you have and what you want to get and the comparison between them to know if upgrading is worth the money you put into it
  6. Allright so I made a list with all the computer components ( if i miss anything please let me know)
    Could you tell me how long it takes before you upgrade that particular part?
    It's the research for my graduation project and I want the know the average lifte time of each component before it's upgraded.

    Thanks a lot! :D

    Hard Drive
    Network card
    Sound card
    Disc/dvd/floppy drive

    Cooling (fans)
    Power supply
    The Casing


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