Triple monitor,will it be able to run it?


Will this build be able to run triple monitor. 27" 1920x1080 .

Windows 7 Pro (don't like windows 8 really)
Intel core I7 3770K
Corsair CMPSU 750 W
Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H
Corasi 16 GB 1866 Quad kit
EVGA GeForce GTX 660TI Superlcocked
Zalman CNPS9500 AT cooler

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  1. It will but if this is for gaming it's not a good choice
  2. Well it's for World of Warcraft,so will it be able to run that?
  3. You should get a 4gb 670 or 7950 i do not think you will like playing it that way but yes it will work.
  4. Will the 670 be able to play it smoothly?without lagg
  5. Yes it should usually three monitor setups are best off with two cards
  6. I tried to play games on 3 screens with 1 670 and I had to play low res and on med settings. But once I added a second 670 I'm playing on ultra with a avg 60 FPS.
  7. Okaay,and if i were to decide using 2 cards,2 660 ti,would that do it? and is it hard to install them?
  8. For World of Warcraft that setup should be fine i would think. When i played wow i ran a 5770 with 3 monitors with a good 30 fps. that 660ti should be more than enough. id try it first before getting another video card. WoW is ALOT less taxing than many other games. and its more CPU bound than anything.

    Triple monitor setups use more Vram than normal, which is why 2 videocards are sometimes "better" but you do run into more problems, and some games dont use crossfire effectively, if at all.

    660ti has 2gb if i recall correctly, for wow, thats fine.

    But if this is a build you are considering on buying, then i would drop down to 8gb of ram and put money for a higher GPU if possible anyways. 8GB is more than enough for gaming.
  9. Well,changed my mind,gonne put in a GTX 670 4GB :)
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