Computer won't start with my new vga card

Hi all,

Just bought a new vga card plugged it in and started the computer and nothing happens no bois, no signal to monitorne beeps no nothing. power is running through the systems since fans (even the ones on the vga card) is spinning and leds on mainboard lights up.

tried pretty much everything I could think of.

Swapping back to my old vga card nvidia 250 gts computer runs like normal.

Putting the new vga card into a friends computer no problems there runs fine.

Swapped the psu in my computer no change.

Updated the bios on my mainboard still nothing.

Cleared cmos and nothing new

it seems just like the mainboard and vga card really don't like eachother eventhough they are both from MSI........

System is:

MSI Z68A-GD55 G3
Intel core I5 1155
2x4gb Corsair DDR3 1600
MSI Geforce 660GTX 2GB Twin frozr
320GB WD Caviar
Fractal design Newton R2 650W Modular

appriciate any help I can get since I'm really stumped.

Thanks in advance. Jimmy
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  1. Boot up with the onboard GPU and with your new one plugged in, does it show up in device manager?
  2. if your mb has two video slots try the new video card in the other slot to see if it a slot issue or a card issue. a few card vendors have been making changes to some of there nvidia cards that were not recommended by nvidia. these changes that were posted on some motherboard would cause the mb not to post. the card you have if they changes something on it from the stock nvidia card the change may be causing the anti short or be pulling to much power and your mb for safty is not posting.
  3. Thanks for swift replies first things first

    Darkoil: Tried that only problem is that the computer won't post as long as the new card is in it.

    smorizio:tried swapping places adn did nothing though as the computer won't post on the onboard gpu when the new vga card is plugged in seems like latter part of your reply would be whats wrong in my case.

    Is there anything to do about it or is it just to send it back to the retailer and go for a card?

    Took another look at the new card and it is the oc version perhaps go for a regular one would be a better option then?
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