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So I'm putting together my first build today, Everything seems to be going smoothly, but one thing is confusing me. When it comes to the case fans there are both a small 3 pin connector which plugs into the motherboard, and a (i think it's called) 4 pin pass through molex connector. so here is my question: should I plug in both the small 3 pin thing to the motherboard AND male molex from psu into the pass through, or just one or the other, Thanks guys!
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    connect the 3 pin case fans directly to the motherboard as that lets you control the speeds of the fans. no just use either 3pin mobo header or 4 pin molex to connect directly to your psu (no fan control)..dont use both
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  3. thanks! i was really confused there , So I'll disconnect the molex from all the fans
  4. also Connecting Fans to mobo 3 or 4 pin makes less noise..

    From PSU full speed -- > full noise.
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