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I installed the windows 8 consumer preview recently and it errors when installing some wifi drivers. After re-setting my bios I could boot into windows 7 home premium 64-bit successfully after a biosy screen when it asked me which OS I want, 7 or 8? This is when I boot into my hard drive. When I boot into my ssd where 7 is, it still boots into 8 and I get the error screen. I have 7 on my Intel 310 series 160GB ssd, and 8 on my 500GB Hitachi HDD. I formatted my hitachi to have a partion with my data and one with 8. I have no data I need on 8. Can I re-format my hard drive tmdelete 8 and then boot off my ssd without my system becoming unstable?
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  1. Thank you, but does that delete it or simply stop the pc from being able to boot from it?
  2. Last step: Format Partition To Remove Windows 8
  3. Thanks.
  4. Wait, when I try to format my Hard Drive it says i cannot delete it because it is "system active" now when I try to shirnk it again I cannont when I right click I cannont use delete.
  5. Are you booting up from your SSD?
    And the system bootmanger is on the SSD as well?
  6. I dont know what a bootmanger is, but I have to boot from my Hard Drive becuase if I booot from the SSD it goes to Windows 8, I get the error, pc restarts, then repeat.
  7. What happens when you boot while the HDD is disconnected?
  8. I dunno, I will try that later tonite.
  9. Wait, what is system bootmanager?
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