Gigabyte gtx 670 vs MSI gtx 670 PE

i don't know which one i need to choose as i heard both of them are good.. but please someone help me. i'm really need it now!

gtx 670 gigabyte is more cheaper then gtx 670 MSI PE in my country.. thank you..
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  1. I have the gigabyte and am most pleased with it. Great overclocker (especially memory clocks), runs chill (around 73ºC max OC in stress tests at 25ºC ambient) and if you don't mess with the fan profiles it is quite silent.
    One thing tough, the 3 fans above 65% max speed make quite a bit of noise, so if you tend to tinker with that I don't know if it is the right one for you.
  2. There was a story on Tom's about a month ago on MSI "purposefully" altering their "regulators" so the Card would perform better than stock, at a risk of killing the card/computer it was in. It was specifically with the 670's Power Edition. I have a gigabyte card as well, hd 7950, its been running great, gigabyte is trustworthy in my book, not a bad experience yet (knock on wood).

    EDIT: I'm not sure if they fixed it or not, but if your leaning toward MSI it would be worth a read.
  3. I remember that story but MSI said they would back it up warranty wise right? As long as they do that it is fine in my book!
  4. they made it on purpose to up performance and they back it up, so no fix! The question is if it needed fixing ...
  5. I remmeber a comparison where MSI's cooling is better but it was only by a few degrees (around 2-3) . I've also heard the same for Gigabyte because it had 3 fans. I've heard becuase Gigabyte has 3 fans it cools the same with less noise .. but it could be the opposite since it has an extra fan. Could be diff in clock speeds, practically no difference. Focus on other parts.

    The Gigabyte 670 was selling at some times for 10% off.. making it 360$ !!!!.

    Id say price would be the biggest difference. I own the MSI PE 670 and I love it but since Nvidia capped voltages for all cards, there is not that additional feature to go for MSI. (unlocked voltages above stock caps)
    Although people have and can reload older drivers and get the increased power for overclocking potential, I don't know too much on this.

    At this point however Id consider the 7970/7950. I know nvidia released driver updates that increased the preformance of the 600 series in many games, but AMD did too and it might be true that 7970 is the stronger card. I've heard AMD scales better in overclocking because of something with higher memory bus .. --- ??? idk.

    Plus i've heard you take a slight preformacne hit after using 1.5gb vram on nvidia becuase of the memory bus .. something ... I don't know with AMD. But 3GB vram seems nice.

    I would think AMD is the better buy but I've seen many forums where people traded in their 7970's for 680's even after the 12.7 updates and etc.

    Lol . ok i answered ur original question, .
  6. I have two MSI 670 PE and i love them i don't have any issues and the story is getting so old already it's not even funny.I will break it down for you. Quote: "We are currently not aware of any other vendor providing this same level of performance and we’ve worked with NVIDIA to ensure that new production models will limit this free overclock boost you currently get. Our new production models with normal GPU Boost function will be on sale next month.",news-40278.html

    This is pretty funny actually and depressing at the same time. MSI basically says thanks for telling on us,TH lets tell the consumers who to thank. If you didn't know earlier, Nvidia was limiting voltage on basically all their cards. Basically MSI is saying well because you told on us, we are limiting the amount of voltage and back tracking on the overclock ability of our videocards because Nvidia is forcing us to.

    I.e Remember the gtx 680 lightning had overvolting properties that let it go beyond other boards hence it's overclocking limits were 100 mhz or higher compared to other cars. Nvidia didn't like that so the next update made it so this wasn't possible anymore..,1.html

    Considering this made it to retail cards and not just review samples, this is hardly a cheat. Some cards might of had problems but what cards don't have overclocking problems every once in a while and as long as MSI will warranty it, I am happy they are circumventing some of Nvidia strict voltage regulation they put on to curb overclocking.

    check it out though all the professional reviews agree it's a great card and actually recommend it and award it because they know what's up lol
  7. Basically both are great cards and you won't be making a bad choice either way MSI's GTX 670 Power Edition uses the famous Twin Frozr IV cooler from the MSI Lightning and comes with a large clock speed boost out of the box, making its default clock speed even higher than GTX 680 stock clocks.The Gigabyte GTX 670 2GB WindForce OC is an absolute behemoth, finishing within spitting distance of the stock GTX 680. Perhaps more interesting just happens to be one of the most popular GTX 670 cards on the market. The reasons behind this trend are multi faceted but likely stem from the fact that it doesn’t cost a dime more than a reference version’s $399 but incorporates several unique elements that really allow it to stand apart. While Gigabyte may not have the highly regarded customer service of EVGA or the localized RMA facilities of MSI, they’re betting an aggressive price will draw people in.
  8. I like MSI cards the best, that's what I buy for myself, and that's what I have my friends buy. Gigabyte is a great company my Gigabyte motherboard is an ancient AM2+ socket and it still runs strong, but, over the past few years I've heard more than a few bad things about their customer service and with their GPUs. I buy my cards from MSI and my boards from Gigabyte is basically what I'm saying, but that's just my opinion/experience with their products, I've never had to contact customer support from either company.
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