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I am new in the forum. I have a question about ASUS graphics cards. Does ASUS put thermal pads or thermal paste between gpu and heatsink in a produced (new) graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX) ?
Also I do not get a validation email from tomshardware (registration) :( .

Please give me an answer and help me with the validation email.

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  1. most vendors now use paste and a heat sink. found the paste works better and does not dry out over time. a lot of the older video cards that uses the bads the pads would dry out and the heat sinks would fall off. with the email to use toms hardware if your using a 3 party email like hotmail or gmail check your spam folder. a lot of times these mail system block those type of emails.
  2. thanks for your reply. i have checked the spam folder: nothing in it.
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