Help Please! New Build! Which VGA?

Hi guys, I m building a New PC with these specs :

XClio 3060 II Mid-Tower Case, i5 3570K, Asus P8Z77-V LX, 8gb Corsair Vengenace 1600mhz, 650W Corsair PSU 80 , 320gb WD 7200rpm 8mb cache HD, and about the VGA I'm between Asus GTX 660 OC DirectCU II or the Sapphire HD 7870 OC!

I'm building this system for Gaming! Are these specs ok? What about the VGA? What VGA you suggest me doing?

Thanks guys!
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  1. -get a better case
    -better motherboards out there
    -larger hard drives for cheaper
    -overkill psu (a tad)

    give me a budget, location, if you are going to overclock, and if you are going to do dual GPU configurations in the future. ill rebuild your rig
  2. Hi, I m from Malta, buying the components from Amazon UK! I'm on a little tight budget & I'm using that case for now, and I'm not overclocking ( using stock heatsink&cooler). Later next year I ll buy The Coolermaster Haf X and transfer everything in it, change the cpu cooler and overclock!

    What do you mean by overkill the PSU?

  3. if you are not overclocking, no point of a k chip or a z77 motherboard. get a h77

    if you are to get a case from the uk, id suggest getting a fractal core 3000 or a antec 302, whichever is cheaper
  4. No, I m overclocking later next year when I change the case! that why I chose 3570k an Z77 board!

    what about the VGA? Asus GTX 660 OC DirectCU II or the Sapphire HD 7870 OC??
  5. how does overclocking relate to the case?

    id either overclock from the get go or dont do it.

    a 7870 is a better choice
  6. What budgetCpu you suggest me then? for no OC
    i3 3220 any good?

    And the WD 320gb 7200rpm 8mb cache HD can be a bottleneck or cause lower FPS in games??
  7. overclocking relate to case cause in this small Xclio case I cant upgrade to a bigger cpu heatsink therefore I cant overclock! :/
  8. Or else I get a more budget CPU not K one! My aim next year was to build a New Rig in a HAF X, i7 3930k, Socket 2011 mobo, 16gb ram, gtx 690, 2 ssd Raid 0....

    but for now I m upgrading my 2nd PC mentioned (Xclio one) but I dont want low end specs! I want at least an i3 3220 or an i5, z77 mobo, 8gb ram, and a good vga as I mentioned, so in the meanwhile I can play some games on High settings like Mafia II, Alan Wake, Hitman Absolution & Far Cry!

    You got my point? Thanks! ;)
  9. get a i5 3450 or 3470, whichever is cheaper. and get a h77 motherboard since you cant overclock. if you are to build a better computer next year, do it next year, not get a cheaper build now and then a more expensive build later.

    the haf x is ridculously big. its overkill for you

    next year there will be new chips and new hardware, your future computer dreams are irreleveant
  10. I want a cheap build mid end gaming system now! because my previous PC had a faulty mobo so I want a new budget system now not next year, I cant afford a high end gaming rig right now! Still if i build an i5 for now with those specs I'l keep it as my 2nd pc when I bulid my future Gaming Rig next year!
  11. id just make do with what i have right now and save money for something better
  12. I cant do nothing about what I have right now because its a 8 year old computer and I have to change completley everything! for now an i5 mid end pc would do it!
  13. Your Z77 board is fine. People like recommending non-OC chipsets to save a little money, but it would save more in the long run to not have to buy a whole new motherboard when you do overclock. The price difference between a Z77 board and H77 or B75 is negligible anyway, way overstated. i3 is a good processor, though I'd say stick with your choice of i5. GTX660 is an exceptional GPU so that's what I'd recommend.

    EDIT: Your choice of PSU is also fine by the way. People like to recommend getting no more wattage than you need, and there are merits to that argument. But in the long run, you're best off not limiting yourself by getting the bare minimum wattage. And you can overclock with the stock cooler, just not by as much.
  14. Infact on amazon uk, H77 and Z77 are the same prices! and the 3570k is only about 25-30gbp more than a 3450 & 3470 so I might get 3570k anyways! Thanks sam for the opinion! ;)
  15. Glad to help :-) It's actually a really good looking setup! There are some excellent UK hardware retailers, though I know don't do international shipping. These might though:

    Worth a look - might save you some money.
  16. if you are to get a 3570k, you have to get a hyper 212 evo and all that. otherwise there is no point of a z77 board
  17. The guy did say Z77 is the same price though, so why not? A CM Hyper 212 Evo is a great cooler for heavier overclocking, but the stock cooler will be fine for more moderate overclocks. Only a temporary measure anyway from the sound of it.
  18. or something like this maybe instead of the stock intel heatsink! I cant do a large one because I think it wont fit! this is my cause btw -

    thanks :)
  19. An old friend of mine has that case! I think it might actually accommodate the cooler. No guarantees, but I think it would be fine.
  20. what heatsink you suggest me to do? I measured from the mobo to the side case fan there is 13cm maximum space!
  21. take the cooler master tx3

    and btw, a stock cooler wont squat for 4ghz (which is 100mhz above stock speeds) with all 4 cores active
  22. I think you're thinking of a different processor there? 3570K is 3.4GHz base up to 3.8GHz turbo. To be honest though, I'd hold off on overclocking until you really need to. The only times I've ever seen CPU overclocking result in a significant performance boost is when a very old/low-end CPU is paired with a powerful GPU and is bottlenecking the GPU. In those cases, CPU overclocking mitigates the bottlenecking. i5 is a really excellent, modern and capable CPU though, so it's not gonna be an issue.
  23. either way, you need a cooler. if at stock speeds the chips run at around 70c, i doubt the cooler can cool the CPU below 80c at 4ghz
  24. this is my mobo this is the cpu heatsink I ve chose!

    Is that heatsink good for that mobo? will it interfere with the ram slots (corsair vengeance low profile 2x 4gb) THe mobo is ATX buts its not the full size its a little bit narrower ( 30.5 cm x 21.8 cm ) and the ram slots are more near the cpu! any opinions guys?

  25. for the motherboard, id grab a LK or higher

    for the heatsink, id rather get a hyper 212 evo at that rate. arctic cooling doesnt have the best mounting system

    theres no problem with the motherboard. if it can fit a d14 cooler, it can fit a hyper 212
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