How do i connect power supply and graphic card?

Hey guys, ive got a stupid question for you:

How the heck do I connect my hd7970 ghz edition to my power supply
(be quiet! Pure Power L8 CM 630w)?

Ive got two cables with three endings each:

One ending fits into the power supply
the other 6 pin ending fits into the graphic card
and the last 8 pin ending fits into the graphic card as well


As ive said ive got two of this cables and also two free slots in the power supply labeled "PCI 1" and "PCI 2"
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  1. Should be Green to Green and Red to Red on the PSU. For the GPU, they will only go a certain way because of the keying of the connectors. It looks to me like the cable with the Red connector is your 8 pin for GPU and the Green is the 6 pin for the GPU. Hope this helps.
  2. The red and the green cable both have an 8 pin and a 6 pin ending and of course the ending that belongs into the power supply.

    That confuses me^^
  3. Ok. Then plug one of the 6 pin connectors into the GPU and the other 8 pin connector in the GPU. They both are rated for the same amount of current. It doesn't matter which is which.
  4. But should i use ONE cable to plug the 8 pin into the GPU and the 6 pin into the gpu and in ONE slot of the power supply?
  5. No. Use one cable for each connection. They set the PSU up like this because some boards have 2 6 pin connections unlike yours which has a 6 and an 8.
  6. Alright if I use the green cable (from power supply to graphic card) AND the red cable (also from power supply to graphic card) then it cant get wrecked?
  7. Ok. From looking at the specs of your PSU from their website. You can use one cable (either green or red) with both connectors. Never have seen a PSU cable structure designed like this before.
  8. That's why I am so confused. Even if I'd use a wrong cable combination (both cables instead of one or one cable instead of both) could this potentially destroy my graphic card?
  9. Probably not. But I would just use one to be safe, like the manufacturer suggests.
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