Better to use card or onboard video?

Nvidia 9400gt 512mb and NVIDIA GeForce 7025 GPU integrated video

It seems like my video card has been running extremely laggy or slow nowdays. Im not much of a computer nerd but i know how to get myself in and out of trouble. I have tried downloading and reinstalling drivers but that doesnt help. I just wanted a little better performance out of it since I currently dont have the cash to buy a new one.

Just wondering what your thoughts are?
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  1. 99.99% of the time it's better to use the addon.
  2. Anything I can do to get better performance from the card??
  3. That card is never going to be better, it was designed for dual monitor support and not actual 3d. Consider spending $60 on something like a radeon 6670 or $100 on a geforce 650.

    What are you trying to play?
  4. I try to play games like Rift, and a few games off of steam. Nothing really that much better but all ive heard is that it really isnt a good card at all.
  5. well, lets look at rift then. I looked up the reqs from the publisher, they will let you play with an nvidia 7600 card. Thats really old and crappy. So IMHO your card may be capable enough to play it. You said it was getting lag and slowdown. Has this always occurred? Lets get some system specs, CPU, ram, mobo, etc. Maybe you could use some more ram or your system could be overclocked.
  6. also the resolution in game that you are trying to play ie 1920x1080, 1280x720 etc.
  7. Why don't you just try the on board graphics and see how you like it?
  8. Motherboard- Biostar N68S3+
    Cpu- Amd phenom ii X4 840
    Memory- 4 gb
    Os- Windows 7 32 bit
    Hard drive- 150 gb hitachi
  9. Has your video card always being running laggy??
  10. Seems like it has, it runs good for a while but has some issues on the really graphics rendering games like Tera or The Secret World
  11. graphic card is always better then the igpu.igpus are mostly used when ur card is died or maybe when u dnt need any gaming:)
  12. Thanks. Im thinking of buying a new card today anyways
  13. ok goodluck and buy amd hd 7750 that suits your budget goodluck :)
  14. Well my budget is a little lower than I had thought. It is now only about 95 dollars. So i cant afford that one
  15. you are about 8 bucks short for this one...
  16. festerovic said:
    you are about 8 bucks short for this one...

    Good show festerovic. I was just about to link that card.

    That's $96. OP said his budget was $95. Go clean out the couch and grab the change.

    Edit: AND you get Far Cry 3 for free. That's a win in my book.
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