Good build for Film editing ?

Im getting ready to build my pc which will be used for film/3d/photo editing 99% of the time ill probably only play games on it 1 time lol.

Specs im considering at the moment

-i7 3820
-sabertooth x79
-samsung 840 pro series 120gb ssd
- WD black 1tb HD
-h100i cpu cooler
-16gb ram g.skill
-EVGA gtx 680 ftw

thinking of buying i7 3930k is it worth it compared to the 3820 ?

let me know what you would change my total budget is 1900 after taxes/shipping
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  2. since you are planning to do some sound/video editing, a good sound card and headphone can be very handy ...
  3. yeah i had one already selected i just forgot to put it in here
  4. The Samsung 840 is far from the best SSD available. You'll want to get the 840 Pro, which is the best performing SSD on the market currently.

    For best performance with HD video editing, you'll want to get 2 high-speed drives in a RAID 0 (striping) configuration.
  5. Go with the 3930K CPU if the cost is feasible. My 3930K tears up some video editing and encoding.
  6. budget ?
  7. i changed my build a little i added a 840 pro samsung ssd instead of 830 and considering i7 3930k
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