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I currently have 2 EVGA overclocked 192 bit GTX 460s in sli. I'm wanting to upgrade to a single card. Looking at the graphics card hierarchy I don't see anything about sli. Where in the hierarchy does my setup fall. What would be the most economical card? My budget for a new card around $200 at the moment.
I mainly play SWTOR, LOTRO, and Shogun 2. I'm probably getting X-Com around Christmas.
Current system is 1920x1080 monitor, I7 2600 cpu, ASUS P8P67 Deluxe mobo, Corsair AX1200 psu, and 16 GB Ram. I should be able to handle just about any card I think without having to upgrade any other parts.
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  1. 7950 or 670 anything less is a wase you are too far ahead for a really good upgrade..... in my opinion
  2. I agree, Get an Asus GTX 670 Direct CUII TOP (or overclock yourself) if you want one of the better cards out there. Great build quality and return policy. Not to mention that with mine and an i5 3570k I average around 80 fps in Battlefield 3 on ultra.
  3. Take a look at the gtx670 its a pretty sweet card, it has relatively low power requirements, and is a beast. The hd7950 is pretty cool too, and both cards can be overclocked to attain similar performance levels as their big brothers (Gtx680,hd7970). Also take a look at some of the deals for the hd7970, they bundle in quite a lot of games, so take a look at it, and see if you like some of the games. That way you could get a pretty nice deal on it, but it is way out of your budget. However for $200 you will not find any of these cards, so for now I would stick with what you have, as its better then what you will find for $200.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I know where I stand on that. Guess I'll have to save up for a while.
  5. Hello Franktaplin,

    I agree with the GTX 670 suggestion. Here is a benchmark of the GTX 460 vs 670. Even after giving the benefit to SLI technology (assuming it's 100% scalability). The GTX 670 is still about 10-25% faster on average, which also includes reduced power consumption (which directly translates to lower heat generation, as well as less fan noise). The 6xx series is also much better at AA.

    460GTX VS 670 Benchmark.


    PS: You have a killer PSU, I reckon you can do triple SLI w/ a GTX 670 on it. [GTX 670 Max Power Draw = 170W x 3 = 510Watts, leaving 490 Watts for CPU, Mobo, RAM, HDD, Case Fan - which is more than enough]

    Quick Edit: Sorry, missed your comment about your $200 budget. You should keep what you have for now until you can save up for a GTX670.
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