Videocard is installed but still lagging

videocard is installed but still lagging

I am thinking that the mother board got something to do with it

because i installed fresh 2 gb RAM
and Nvidia 512 mb Videocard
and a good 500Gb HDD
with 600w PSU

all drivers are installed, but all applications are slowing
even some games in facebook
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  1. CPU?
  2. Need more info here, CPU? Motherboard? What video card exactly?
  3. Did you plug your monitor into the new GPU?
  4. What do you mean by "lagging" exactly?
    Is there STUTTERING, or is the frame rate simply lower than what you expect?

    You say "video card is installed but still lagging"; does this mean you have been making CHANGES to your system and it worked fine before?

    Usually hardware is either working fine or it starts to cause crashing or corrupted data. What you describe sounds more like a software issue.

    Anyway, before you proceed much further:
    run MEMTEST for at least an hour ( )
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