Changing Graphics Cards.

I am upgrading my graphics card and I was wondering if I needed to uninstall any drivers or other software from my current video card in order to have a better integration with the new card, or can I just take out my old card and put in my new one?

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  1. Which card are you upgrading to
  2. It is good practice to do so.
  3. Rockdpm said:
    Which card are you upgrading to

    From GTX 560 Ti 448 cores to GTX 670, both EVGA brand
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    yea you will notice a difference. What I usually do when I'm upgrading cards to roll back all video drivers to windows default drivers and then install the new cards then install the latest drivers
  5. Definately do it when going into a new generation of cards. The lastest nvidia drivers have a decent increase in performance.
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