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I have a choice of two PC's, both at around £870. One has an i5 3570k, 8gb ram, 1 tb HDD and a gtx 680. The other has an i7 3770k, 16gb ram, 2tb hdd and a gtx 670. Which is better. USES: GAMING.
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  1. Since the GTX680 is a better card, the i5 system is probably your best bet for a gaming system. Especially since you can overclock the 3570k.
  2. Hyperthreading is not really used for gaming atm so the 680 build will more likely have an advantage. if one wanted a better cpu, then theres normally a jump from i5 to sandy/ivybridge-e 6 core rather than 4 core + HT. but the gains are very minimal.
  3. The upgrade from a 670 to 680 has a bigger impact on your gaming than an upgrade from a 3570k to a 3770k.
  4. Dude, get the i5 PC. It has a better GPU which is super important for gaming. Anyway, like dudewitbow said, hyper-threading capabilities don't help gaming at all. If it is a computer primarily for gaming, I would almost always suggest the one with the more powerful video card.
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