Motherboard Power and Reset lights up but is otherwise dead

Hi all, new to this forum so please be gentle ;) I have just built my first computer in many, many years and things have certainly changed. The components that I have are as follows:

Asus P9 X79 WS motherboard
GF 560 GTX graphics card
i7 3820 cpu
Corsair 4x 8GB (CMP32GX3M4X1600C10) RAM
Cosmos 2 chassis
Corsair 120GB SSD disk for OS
WD 2TB HD for mass storage
Akasa Venom Voodoo CPU cooler
Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 800W PSU

Now I have assembled this and although the Power and Reset buttons on my motherboard light up there are no other lights anywhere. The power button on both the motherboard or on the top of the Cosmos 2 are dead, no response when I push them. I have removed RAM and removed GFX card but to no avail. There are a few things that I don't understand that you might help shed some light on:

1) When I normally connected the front panel and chassis cabled to my motherboard on my old builds I had a ton of different 1-2-pin cables that I had to connect. Now I only have three: HDD LED, Reset SW, Power SW. There are no GROUND or anything else that I can find. Is this normal?

2) When I connected the BIG power connecter to my motherboard it was almost filling the entire socket except for a 2x2 socket. Another cable attacked to the bigger cable fitted perfectly into this. Are there any way that I could get the order wrong here? It seems to have fitted nicely so I don't want to fiddle around with it if I don't have to.

3) There is a smaller 2x4 power socket close to the CPU. Since the Cosmos is a rather high chassis I had to connect an extension cord to that socket and then two 2x2 sockets from my power supply to it. These 2x2 did not seem to fit 100% into this. Sorry for asking such a broad question but what am I doing wrong? Right now though it fits inside the socket but I felt that it needed a bit more force than it should have.

4) My CPU fan is a large heat sink with 2 fans attached. One of the fans was damaged when I got it so I have only attached one of them. According to the company that I bought them from this should not be a problem though. I have connected the fan into the slot marked CPU_FAN on my motherboard. There is also a CPU_OPT marked in the manual which I suppose it an optional CPU fan. Is it ok to leave that empty?

5) I have a TON of loose wiring left from my Cosmos chassie that are only a bunch of weird cables I've never seen before, marked for fans. I'm guessing that I should at least be able to boot without any of these connected (I have no idea where to connect them). Are my assumptions correct?

Any tip on what else I can do here would be fantastic. I am really eager to get it to work and it just sitting there now is quite frustrating.
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  1. For clarification: no fans are spinning when trying to power on, and there is no light on the power switch on the chassis (although the power on the mobo is lighting up a constant red, with the reset switch being a constant green).
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