Acer Aspire M3970 CPU replacement

I have an acer m3970 with a 3.1 ghz i5-3450 cpu. I am planning on getting a new gpu for this machine, as well as a new psu (gtx 660 non ti) and i think in the near future a new cpu would benefit performance quiet a bit. I was thinking a i5-3750, would this computer allow me to upgrade this cpu like that? how would i tell? i cant seem to find the motherboard of this computer so i can't even try to search and see if the motherboard is compatible. Thanks so much for your help in advance guys!
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  1. personally, i'd keep that CPU. a 0.3ghz between the 3450 and the 3570 followed with a $200+ price tag for a 1-5fps boost (assuming this is for gaming) at best just isn't worth it. you're better off spending more on a better GPU, a decent case to fit it, and good PSU.

    if you persist on upgrading the CPU, may as well pay the extra cash for a 3570K and OC it, assuming it's a Z77 motherboard in there. it's highly like it isn't.
  2. Thanks hazel for the info bud. I had no idea the difference would be that minimal. I will stick with updating the gpu and psu only. =)
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