GTX 660 Ti OC WindForce 2X 2GB DDR5 192-bit vs HD7950 Boost Dual-X 3GB

I'm really having a hard time choosing between one of these 2. You have a screenshot comparing them:

What do you think and why so?
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  1. I tried to edit and resize but it didn't allow me, sorry!
  2. 7950, 660ti gimped memory bandwith is not happy.

  3. the recent driver update has closed the gap between the 7950 and 660ti quite a bit. now the question is; are you willing to pay a bit more for a 5-8fps boost in some games?

    another article of interest;

    summary; if you're fine with FXAA and willing to pay for it, no reason not to get the 660ti. heck, it'll make for a good dedicated PhysX card in the future when you upgrade you're GPU. if for some reason you prefer 4-8xMSAA, welp, the 7950's the way to go.
  4. 7950, especially after the 12.11 drivers. Also factor in that with the Never Settle deal you get three games and a discount on another.
  5. Wow, amazing reply hazle! Here they cost almost the same so price isn't an issue.
  6. As a 660Ti owner, I suggest the 7950.
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