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I already have a case/hdd/psu/os/monitor, I only need a Processor/motherboard/ram/videocard. I've been thinking about using a low end AM3+ motherboard with the Athlon II x3, and hoping it unlocks. I want atleast 4 gb of ram, and I'd like to stay at under 300. about 250$ if possible. Please, recommend stuff!
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  1. Microcenter had a motherboard/cpu deal last week, and it still may be an active sale. I believe it was $50 off any combo. This is a better deal than NewEgg.

    I'm not an AMD cpu guy, but isn't the Intel i3 processor better than most of the cheaper AMD processors?
  2. The I3 is about 110$ where as the Athlon II x3 is 69.99, big difference and it's potentially a quad core also. Very good price/performance ratio.
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