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hello guys i bought this motherboard Intel DG41WV Motherboard.....
at the price of 1800 Rs/- but problem is that i installed a pentum 4 processor in it and board running smoothlly so can i play call of duty black ops..????
or i should buy a new processor????
if yes then suggest me the best processor within 5000 Rs/-
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  1. what graphics card are you using? Ram?
  2. Install the game, run it, see how it plays. If it's too slow for you, then start a post.

    But.. COD Black ops minimum system reqs are here

    And your P4 system is way bellow what they want. You need a faster dual core CPU, 2.5 gig + and a gaming video card to run COD Black Ops.
  3. You're going to need a better CPU, a good quad core. And if you don't even have a graphics card and sufficient RAM you definitely won't be able to play it.
  4. Don't even try. If you're still using a pentium 4, you won't even get 30 fps on bo. It's a poorly optimized game.

    Save up and build a pc.
  5. ummm P4 isn't even compatible with that mobo, so it wont work at all
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