Low temp, low fps GTX 690

I monitored it thru MSI afterburner while playing tf2 the other day (I'm having low fps btw) and noticed that the temperature doesn't change I mean at all while I'm on desktop my gpu temps are 50 and 47 and in game the highest I seen was 53 so I ran a benchmark test with MSI Kombuster and my highest temp there was 72 so my low fps problem seems like based on GPU bottlenecking itself right ? I'm not sure how to fix it so please help I don't know a lot about overclocking and was too scared to play with its settings here's my spec and benchmark test


Thermaltake 1350w toughpower PSU!
İntel i7 2600k
8gb rams
Asus p6z68-v pro gen3
and obviously Geforce GTX 690

Op is windows 7 64bit

Also not sure if its related but I thought I mention it just in case I'm also having usb problems that proves challenging.
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  1. Is the GPU load at 100%? or is the load around 15% which means its idling.
  2. heres the problem GPU clock: 0 MHz - Mem clock: 0 MHz its that <<<<<<< you need to go to nvidea settings and find gpu setting and set the full max :)
  3. it's not really slow. i think it's fast
  4. The GPU is idling as Thatsmyname said. To fix that you'll need to set the core to a higher speed. It's getting stuck at idle speeds probably.
  5. Could you be using integrated graphics instead?

    If the GPU is accurately reporting at 0MHz, that means it's essentially off, and is probably rocking out at ambient case temp.

    It's more likely that Kombustor is just borked and not reporting speeds though.

    Beyond that, it's probably a drivers, SLI, or TF2 issue. Have you tried other games? Disabling SLI? or newer/older drivers?
  6. I think I upgraded the drivers 3 times since I bought it, didn't notice a difference in its performance in tf2 and since you asked I have tried other games but I don't have any other challenging games, in CS:GO my fps didn't dropped below 140 (fps max is 300 in CS:GO), in Skyrim it did at times dropped to 70 but quickly recovered to 120, So I don't think I'm using an integrated graphics chipset not unless you can get 120 fps with it in Skyrim but having said that, could using an integrated graphics explain why my usbs keep disconnecting and reconnecting mostly while playing ? than again when I right click it in the Device manager it says disable not enable, implying its enabled already. I haven't disabled SLI but what good would that do also how do I disable it exactly ? from the device manager ?
  7. During the test GPU 0 was at 99 percent while the GPU 1 (It doesn't say GPU 1 and GPU 2 it says GPU 0 and GPU 1) was mostly idling but occasionally got up to %50 I think maybe higher I'm not sure
  8. I was in game for about 10 minutes and my fps dropped to 60 multiple times and this is what Afterburner monitored during it.Sorry for the multiple posts by the way

    1- http://postimage.org/image/xqu1utuqv/

    2- http://postimage.org/image/m76oihu2z/
  9. You should be able to disable SLI through your nvidia control panel. It maybe that tf2 doesn't play nice with sli.

    However, my guess is that it's just a problem with the way TF2 is coded. Try disabling "Multi-core rendering", that may help (Haven't played tf2 in years though). I've also heard that player created items can sometimes cause lag (such as hats with tons of dynamic elements), not sure though. If it's just a tf2 issue, it will probably manifest itself as a CPU bottleneck (so you'll see one or two cores at 100%); but it could also be an unexpected hard drive read or something like that that causes a notable skip (ie for .5 seconds you get 0 fps, then resume 120fps, and you are shown 60 as the average)

    Lastly, 60FPS isn't really a 'low' fps. It should still be smooth to play at (if you turn of your fps monitor you probably won't notice) unless there is skipping going on.
  10. Well I mean if I wanted to settle for 60 fps in TF2 of all games I could just buy any card except for the worlds best graphics card.And I just played that game to take the screen shots, in other maps and servers and if there are more people I see as low as 20 and .5 pauses get more frequent the soul reason I bought this is not to have those pauses and fps drops.As for my CPU usage, during the game its like 40, 50 percent at most, I can constantly monitor my RAM and CPU usage thru my keyboard(it has a monitor on it) its never been %100 except for few incidents where I was really pushing my PC but never seen %100 CPU usage in game it doesn't even go above 60 actually, its always around 40 never anything close to a 100 in TF2 but what do you mean an unexpected hard drive read
  11. CPU usage is needs to be monitored per core. Monitoring overall CPU usage is nearly useless, as you have no idea how many threads are in use. If your CPU is at 50 percent, more than likely you have 4 threads at 100% and 4 threads at near 0%.

    Bottlenecks happen. Some games are better than others, you can probably run crysis 2 maxed out with as good/better framerates than tf2, because it is more efficiently coded.

    Try playing a big long match of civ5, it will bring ANY computer to it's knees by the end.

    If you have a 120hz monitor, then I would agree, why settle for 60FPS. But, if your monitor is among the 95% of monitors out there that is a 60HZ monitor, then capping by at 60fps, the only settling your doing is on the number your framerate monitor shows. Vsync caps your framerate by limiting rendering to the maximum our monitor can handle, and prevents the GPU from overwriting a frame that hasn't been displayed on screen yet with the next frame.

    If somebody with a new hat walks into view, and that hat isn't loaded into memory, it may have to be loaded from your hard drive. This takes time, no matter what, and isn't always avoidable. Putting it on an SSD can help, if this is what is happening.
  12. That was a very informing answer thank you, but I actually have a 120 hertz monitor a good one as well, but even when I had a 60hertz monitor and was playing counter strike if I set the fps_max to 60 rather than 100 it would be considerably less fluent even tough monitor could only support 60 hertz.I always got a bit confused about that, but in any case I have a 3D monitor and never even used it to watch a 3D movies or even to play 3D games, I bought it just so I could play at 120 fps.

    Now Vsync was disabled in my settings are you saying I should enable it ? And I could buy an SSD if that's the problem but how do I know for sure that my cpu is bottlenecking or not
  13. Setting an FPS cap isn't necessarily the same as enabling vsync. Vsync should have no discernible difference visually, and will not cap you to 60FPS if you have a 120FPS monitor. It may cause your framerates to be lower (and visibly lower in some cases) if you are not reaching 120FPS.

    There may be no way to fix your lacking FPS in tf2. If there is a way to disable custom content, that may be the first thing to try; however hardware cannot solve a bottleneck imposed by software (again, see Civ5). If there is too much going on in TF2 for your CPU, overclocking would help, but it's probably not going to get you to 120FPS.

    If you don't play TF2 much, and are more concerned about the numbers you are seeing, then forget about it. 120FPS is a very high bar to reach, most games are coded to run at 60fps on a decent CPU, in order to reach 120fps, your cpu must be twice as fast as a CPU that it runs at 60. Some games aren't processor heavy, or are coded to take advantage of extra threads, and will be able to reach high framerates; other games are not very threaded, or require a powerful CPU just to reach 60.

    Other times, dips can be situational, such as when a whole group of people get gibbed, and your computer has to compute the physics on all their bits. It's not uncommon for any CPU to struggle under that kind of situation (again Civ5 will bring a CPU to its knees given a long enough match). An SSD or setting up a ramdrive can help aleviate other hickups due to loading something from an HDD, however I wouldn't buy an SSD just for this situation, because it will only lessen the hickup, probably not completely get rid of it.

    Lastly, 3d is pretty awesome imo. It's worth trying out if you've got all the hardware.
  14. So first thing to find out is if there is anyone who plays at 300 fps in TF2 and also to see if my CPU is indeed bottlenecking my GPU and for 3D I actually tried it once and was surprised by how good it was but I'm still waiting to see if its indeed safe to use on long term
  15. I did a little browsing around, and saw someone suggest disabling hyperthreading (in bios) made a big difference in TF2 specifically. That may be worth trying.

    Curious, did you have better/same/worse framerates before getting the 690?

    Everything I've heard (and I did do some research before buying my 3d setup) indicated that 3d is safe. If it gives you headaches or anything, just as with regular screen-viewing, it's best to take a break and relax your eyes. I wouldn't suggest a 20hr gaming marathon on 3d. At it's core, 3d is simply blocking your eyes in an alternating fashion (for active 3d) to create the illusion of depth that your eyes experience normally. If it's comfortable for you to view, it's supposedly safe.
  16. Well I had gtx 260 before this and I think since I got 690 my frame rates improved a little but I mean like 5 percent better performance and also I disabled hyperthreading in bios it made it worst.

    I saw this one article about 3D and I don't even remember what it said exactly, it just talked about a condition where the eye didn't knew what to focus and it was related to 3D, the topic read something like scientist finally proved that 3D is bad for your health or dangerous or something I don't know maybe I will try it after all

    And also I appreciate you taking the time to browse around and advice me on my problem you go out of your way to help me and I just wanted to thank you even though we haven't figured it out :)
  17. No problem. There were a lot of performance improving "configurations packs' that people were peddling, though of I got no idea what hey meant.

    Have you tried verifying your game cache and defragging the game cache?
  18. Wow that's embarrassing, I thought I had but I defragged it again after reading your comment and yup its pretty much fixed my fps; since I defragged it, it only dropped below 120, 3 times and it only dropped to 80.So I think game cache was the problem :d thanks
  19. :D no problem, glad it's fixed
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