Need a new PSU for a GTX 660

I am thinking of buying a MSI GeForce GTX 660 Twin Frozr III/OC but I will need atleast a good quality 650w PSU to power it. I was considering the Corsair Enthusiast TX M CP-9020039-UK 650W Power Supply as an option becuase of it's 80 PLUS Bronze Certification. Can anyone suggest a good quality 650w PSU that will power a GTX 660 whilst under full load?

Your help is much appreciated.

Many thanks.
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  1. Why a 650W? The 660 doesn't draw much power.
  2. what is your current PSU?
  3. 500w Cooler Master Extreme Power
  4. Dave178. I have a 520W PSU and it runs: 2500k, 660Ti, 2HDDs, 1SSD, 3 case fans, and a DVD drive. I'm not sure why you would want 650W unless you were considering SLI/Crossfire in the future.

    btw. The 660 is a great deal. (not overpriced like my 660ti was) It'll rock BF3 on High at 45+fps at least.
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