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I've been searching the web for some answer to this. I have an dell optiplex usff 755 with an intel core 2 duo processor that is having an audio issue with windows 7. Anytime I am watching a movie when the audio gets to a low level in the movie it drops out completely and goes to complete silence. It's really annoying because you lose the background ambience of the movie. Occassionally soft music will be playing in the background or birds chirping and then the sound goes to complete silence until someone starts to talk or a loud noise is made. This is not an issue with a certain movie file, it will happen with any movie. Even stuff I have recorded from TV using windows media center. I also don't think it is the player (I use media center a lot) because I have played the files in other players such as windows media player and KM player and the same thing happens. I've also downloaded the updated audio drivers from Dell's website. I'm stumped, has anyone else had this issue and found a resolution?

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  1. do you use any codec pack ... if not you can try k-lite codec pack

    What format is the file...
    In K-lite pack there will a software call G-Spot you can use it to see what audio codec use in the file..
  2. The format can be anything really. I've played xvid and it's done it. Mkv and it's done it. It's also done it with whatever file format windows media center records to. I'll look into the codecs and see what happens.
  3. Are you using onboard sound or a sound card. What speaker setup?
  4. DelroyMonjo said:
    Are you using onboard sound or a sound card. What speaker setup?

    I'm using the onboard sound. I have a stereo to stereo headphone jack going between the line out on the computer and the line in on the TV. I don't have any issues with the TV doing this other than when using the computer.
  5. You might try downloading these drivers. Otherwise it just might be the onboard sound processor is crippled.
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