PC turn on but no power to mouse, monitor or keyboard


So last night my PC started randomly restarting its self. It started to happen once every 10 - 20 mins and then every 10 mins. I turned it off for the night and left it.

Coming back to it this morning I booted it up, it turned on fine however nothing is coming up on the monitor and the mouse and keyboard also are not getting power. I attempted to restart it a number of times and one time it did turn on and power the monitor and mouse and got to the screen where you can select to boot it in safe mode etc however after about 10 seconds on that screen it restarted itself again.

I checked the motherbord and where the RAM is there are 4 lights, 1 and 2 are green, 3 is orange and 4 is red. However I have no idea what this means. I cant hear any beeping either.

Any ideas?
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  1. What motherboard model do you have? Definitely seems like a RAM problem.
  2. is there anyway to get the mother board tpye by looking at it?
    the ram is ddr3-1333 ocz platinum
  3. Yeah, it should have the name on it some where along with the model.
  4. any idea where to look or what to look for? like an example of a name cause theres a lot of writing all over it
  5. Is it a custom build machine or proprietary (Dell, HP, Gateway, etc.). There should be a name usually around the middle of the board. Look for bigger spaces where there are no components (capacitors, chips). If not, look around the edge of the board. If its custom, here are some familiar names, ASUS, AsRock, GIGABYTE, MSI, Intel, Biostar, etc. and is usually followed by the model (ex. GIGABYTE 990FXA-UD3) using letters and numbers.
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