Install amd radeon 3200 hd on windows 8

Hello And Thanks for reading this thread.

I Really Need Help Install my amd radeon hd 3200 On windows 8, if tried before but its just skips to log, help asap
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  1. Which driver are you using? 12.6 is the last version compatible with the HD3200; that isn't a Windows 8-certified driver though Windows 7 drivers should work. Perhaps you need to run it in compatibility mode?
  2. i did but it just skiped to log
  3. Did it give any error message, or can you read the log to find any error messages?
  4. I am not sure if this method works because I have not yet installed Windows 8 on my Acer notebook with HD3200 on-board graphics. But you do not lose anything trying.

    If you have already downloaded AMD CCC 12.10 driver pack for Windows 8, double-click this driver pack and unpack it to a loction of your choice. After the pack has finished unpacking, open Device Manager and find your HD3200 adapter. Then switch to Driver tab and click Update driver. When Update driver window opens, click "Scan my computer for a better driver". Show the path to the folder where the driver .inf file resides. Be sure to put a checkmark in the box "include subfolders".

    Note: Most probably, HD3200 chip identification is not in the .inf file. Therefore, it will not be recognized.

    Best luck.

    EDIT: Please use the correct driver pack for your computer, x86 or x64.
  5. this is the error Catalyst™ Install Manager wont install ?
  6. its working now thanks for helping me suat ill give you thumbs up :D
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